My Journal

My personal practice + next steps

As mentioned in my about page, all the choices I make photographically contribute towards creating a therapeutic look and feel for the person viewing my work.

To illustrate, distance plays an important role in the initial stage of where I place my tripod in the landscape, and how I compose my shot. Subjects which appear further away appear a lot more quieter in tone than up close. In post processing I aim to create a delicate tonality across the image. Contrast, luminosity, and saturation is used sparingly. I work towards creating this quiet look and feel across to print as well. The paper I use helps to achieve this.

As a landscape fine art photographer, I photograph the natural world in a way that isn’t seen to the naked eye. By photographing the landscape in a way that isn’t usually seen before I hope this encourages people to get out more and immerse themselves in the outdoors.

Immersion is an area which I aim to improve on with my photography. I’d specifically like to explore with moving image and ambient sound next - stay tuned to learn more on this later on in the year.

Tom Smith