Do you ever give yourself time to turn off and wind down?

We live in a world saturated by unnatural images and visual stripes and they are everywhere and we see them everyday, from inside our homes, on the street, and on our buildings. According to research, these visual stripes are discomforting to look at and could be the reason for our constant headaches and migraines. I encourage you to take some time out and allow yourself to visually relax.

Simply click on my photo below, look at intricate details, try to identify where the pattern repeats, and look for all the variations in the image.  

I hope you found that relaxing. 

It is very important to me how others receive my work and what they get from viewing my images, which brings me onto what I am working on at the moment.

Currently, I am working on producing a body of work which aims to produce imagery that allow people to visually relax and stop people from overthinking. I am creating a series of images that people can use as a distraction to help them calm down and clear their mind using the principle of escapism and simple externalisation in my photos. In today’s society, we are surrounded by negative headlines and dark imagery. I want to change that by producing images which allow people to relax, observe, and question what it is in front of them, and by looking and thinking it helps them forget about their worries, and concerns, and puts them in a state of relaxation. Whether it’s for a few seconds, or a couple of minutes, I aim to help people with my photography. My natural inclination to help people and make a difference comes from my father. My father works in the health sector, and he inspires me every day, unfortunately, I am not emotionally and physically able to do what my father does day in day out. So, I looked at other means of helping people, and I aim to do this with my photography.

If you are interested about this personal body of work, simply follow any of my social links where I will be posting regular updates on the project. Or, if you'd like to contribute to this project don't hesitate to get in touch. I am open to your opinions. Thank you for taking your time out, I hope it was worth your while. Have a good day!